Inferno I


KYTERION is an Italian black metal band born in 2015, whose memebers are unknown, and so are their appearances.

The band released their debut album INFERNO I in 2016 via Subsound Records, featuring vocals in XIIIth century Italian Vernacular, an element of authenticity for an all-Italian project.
The trip starts from L’Etterno Dolore, which leads to the deepness of hell through the various circles, full of demons, evil creatures, and desperate souls. The journey culminates with the appalling encounter of the Lord of the Underworld:
Lo ‘mperador del Doloroso Regno.

The album is part of a trilogy. The second part INFERNO II will be released in April 2018 and the band will be on a European headlining rum of shows to promote the album.


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Past Shows

Inquisition live in Rome (2017)

Expeditio Profana Italian Tour (2016)

Keep Music Evil Atto I (2016)