SHADOWTHRONE were founded by Steph from italian gothic metal band Theatres des Vampires.After living ten years of big experiences with TdV he decides to leave the band at the end of last South American Tour 2013 and start with a new personal project more close to his style and roots.ShadowThrone’s sound is influenced by bands like Bathory,Emperor,Mercyful Fate..from trash metal to black metal to symphonic soundtracks.


The first ep/demo was called ”Through the Gates of Dead Sun,, and realized in 2015. The finnish composer Samuli T.Makela appears in ”Through the Gates of Dead Sun,, with the track Hymn of the Tyrant.


During summer 2016 SHADOWTHRONE begins to record the first full album ”Demiurge of Shadow,, (out January 14th 2017) and signs for japanese label Zero Dimensional Records. To promote album ShadowThrone toured as supporting act for bands such as with Absu, Darkend, Rotting Christ, Necrodeath and more.

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Demiurge On Winter Italian Tour 2017

European Tour 2018

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Utopia Metal Fest 2017

The Mighty Rituals 2017

Absu Italian Tour 2016

Opera IX Italian Tour 2015