Obscure prophecies and marks from an ancient past live inside them: it was time for them to be awakened. The more one delves into the depths of Babel, the more one is seduced by its inextricable mysteries…

VERATRUM have plunged into these arcane universes with the intention of launching a quest across the domains of poetry, philosophy and mysticism. Their extreme metal is open to various influences and dark atmospheres, united with other forms of art, first of all the graphic arts and poetry. A brutal music, which has transformed into a magical and alchemical journey through the mysteries of history and the abyss of the human spirit. They will lead the listener, into a hell halfway between a dead past and a lost future…

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Italian Tour 2018

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Horna - Italian Tour (2017)

Black Winter Fest IX (2016)

Black Winter Fest VIII (2015)

Azaghal Italian Tour ('16)

Italic Pagan Fest (2016)

Fosch Fest (2015)