Cult Of Parthenope Ltd is a registered company established in London (United Kingdom), working with international extreme metal bands.

Our record label department releases some of the most interesting black and death metal acts in the scene. Thanks to a solid and reputable network of physical and digital distributors, as well as direct stores in North America, Europe and UK, Cult Of Parthenope products are available worldwide.

Besides label duties, we specialise in organising and booking extreme metal shows, festivals and tours in the UK. We also take care of the full production, booking, immigration, logistics and tour management of such events, thanks to our dedicated and professional crew.

A selections of bands we worked with in alphabetical order : Ancient (NO), Anomalie (AT), Asagraum (NL), Borknagar (NO), Carpathian Forest (NO), Cult Of Fire (CZ), Darkspace (CH), Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (DE), Darvaza (NO/IT), Ellende (AT), Endezzma (NO), Endstille (DE), Enthroned (BE), Fen (UK), Forgotten Tomb (IT), Harakiri For The Sky (AT), Helleruin (NL), Hetroertzen (SE), In The Woods… (NO), Kampfar (NO), Karg (AT), Keep Of Kalessin (NO), Make A Change… Kill Yourself (DK), Mare (NO), Midnight Odyssey (AUS), Misthyrming (IS), Mephorash (SE), Mysticum (NO), Naglfar (SE), Negura Bunget (RO), Nordjevel (NO), Rotting Christ (GR), Seth (FR), Slagmaur (NO), Sinmara (IS), Sortilegia (CAN), Sur Austru (RO), Thy Light (BRA), Urgehal (NO), Ved Buens Ende… (NO), Whoredom Rife (IT).

We book exclusively for Cosmic Void Festival and Celestial Darkness Festival (London, United Kingodom).

Disclaimer : Cult Of Parthenope Ltd is a 100% unpolitical oranization. We strongly condemn National Socialism and Nazi ideology.

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