DEMO POLICY : If you’d like to send us a demo of your band, or the band you’re representing, please follow the instructions listed below.

We do listen to every submission that comes to Cult Of Parthenope although it can take some time for us to get to listen to them all. If we like the demo we will contact you. On the other hand if we don’t like it, we will not contact you.

This policy is the result of both a heavy workload and severe time restraint.

We only accept streaming links alongside a one page bio with basic info on your band and touring history and a few band pics. A good cover artwork and a professional photo session is helpful to give us a visual impression on your vision.

Do not send any other formats like Compact Discs, Vynils, Audio Cassettes, Mini-Discs, DATs, or MP3s.

We thank you in advance for your time and for thinking of us here at Cult Of Parthenope. Your interest and support is greatly appreciated.

RECORD LABEL submissions : label[at]

LIVE PRODUCTION applications : booking[at]