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  1. This ticket is issued subject to the rules and regulations of the venue owners, operators and management.
  2. The management reserve the right to refuse admission.
  3. Admission is at the ticket holders own risk. The promoter shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage sustained within the premises. Neither the venue nor the promoter can accept responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  4. Unauthorised photography or use of recording equipment is prohibited. No audio, audio visual or cinematic devices shall be brought into the Arena.
  5. Weapons of any kind, Umbrellas, gas bottles, sprays etc. are strictly forbidden. In some cases you will have to hand over these items. After the event you can claim them back.
  6. Fireworks, smoke canisters, knives and imitation weapons are not permitted on site. Any person in possession of such items will be refused entry.
  7. Because of the high soundlevel of this event it is highly recommended to use ear protection. You can find earprotection at the bars.
  8. Any person who fails to comply with instructions from a steward or other person acting for the management may be ejected from the venue.
  9. The promoter reserves the right to alter or change the programme without notice.
  10. As a condition of entering or remaining at the festival; you may be asked to consent to a search, either when entering the venue or at some other time whilst at the festival. Failure to consent to a search will mean you are refused entry the festival, or are no longer permitted to remain on site.
  11. In the event of cancellation, the face value of the ticket only will be refunded.
  12. Duplicate tickets will not be issued under any circumstances.
  13. Ticket holders consent to the filming and sound recording as members of the audience.
  14. Only official merchandise will be on sale inside the venue.
  15. 14 and 15-year olds MUST be accompanied by an 18+ adult whilst in venue. 16 and over do not need to be accompanied by an adult. No one under 14 can be admitted.
  16. Please do not bring your underaged kids to this event. Even with heavy ear protection it might lead to problems with the venue´s security.
  17. Parental advisory music warning: Some music played at the festival may contain explicit lyrics or have swear words associated with the Artists song.
  18. Flags on poles are banned from the Arena.
  19. Cult Of Parthenope events are 100% unpolitical. Leave your politics at home please.
  20. Tickets are non-refundable.
  21. You may be at risk of refused entry if you did not purchase your Cult Of Parthenope ticket from an official ticket outlet.
  22. Management reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions from time to time as required.


The safety and health of all visitors and staff is as always our main priority and we will be implementing recommendations and instructions appropriately, based on official guidance from Public Health England, the UK Government and local public health bodies as further information unfolds. In the meantime, we are working tirelessly to bring you the best Cult Of Parthenope experience. We look forward to seeing you all at our next events.

You can follow the most up to date information on Coronavirus here :




As per our official ticketing terms and conditions, in the event the festival is cancelled due to Force Majeure, the face value of the ticket will be refunded providing your ticket/s were purchased directly from www.cultofparthenope.com / Ticket Tailor or one of our other official ticket outlets which can be found here . If ticket/s were purchased from any other source, Cult Of Parthenope Ltd cannot be held responsible for refunding the ticket cost/s.

In the event any Cult Of Parthenope event is cancelled due to circumstances outside of Cult Of Parthenope Ltd’s control, such as force majeure, you will have the option to roll the ticket over to the following company event. Should the face value of tickets increase for the following club show, the purchaser will not be charged any more than they have already paid for their ticket for the previous club show (not applicable to festivals)