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SCUORN was born to worship the cult of Parthenope by revealing the most ancient legends and history of the mysterious Neapolitan lands, known over the centuries for their hellenic and roman origins and for being fervent cradle of the Italian culture. The epic black metal atmospheres, strongly influenced by the world famous “canzone napoletana”, and the sound of traditional folk instruments melt with majestic orchestrals and evocative lyrics in native language, express the concept of the band at its best. SCOURN (which means “shame” in Neapolitan language) was founded in Naples (Italy) in 2008 by Giulian (Vocals, All Instruments & Orchestral Arrangements).

In July 2016 SCUORN signed a two-albums deal with the label Dusktone, while in November 2016 the band’s debut live show at Cult Of Parthenope Black Metal Fest 2016 in Naples, supporting the legendary romanian atmospheric/folk black metallers NEGURA BUNGET, went sold out. In February 2017, SCUORN released the much-anticipated debut album “PARTHENOPE”, recorded mixed and mastered at the world-acclaimed 16th Cellar Studio in Rome in 2016 by the producer Stefano “Saul” Morabito (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, HOUR OF PENANCE). Very special guest on the album is the “maestro” Riccardo Studer from Italian extreme epic metal pioneers STORMLORD, who shaped an impressive orchestra who reminds of bands such as DIMMU BORGIR and SEPTICFLESH for epicness and greatness. The concept album is focused on the most ancient greek-roman origins of Naples, and each song is related to a specific legend from those times, such as the 79 a.d. volcano Vesuvio’s eruption who destroyed Pompeii and many others. In March 2017 the band embarked on the “PARTHENOPE ITALIAN TOUR 2017”, playing in the whole country including 3 headlining shows and two special guest appearences supporting greek black metal gods ROTTING CHRIST. Following the successful Italian ride, SCUORN returned on the road in November for the “PARTHENOPE EUROPEAN TOUR 2017”, their first headline run across Europe, hitting 9 cities in 8 different countries. 2017 ends with “PARTHENOPE” winning five “ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2017” awards on Italian medias such as Metal Hammer Italia, Mister Folk, Metal Skunk, Metallari Brutti and on french webzine Totentanz, as well as being included eight times in the “ALBUM OF THE YEAR TOP 10” charts of metal magazines worldwide.

In April 2018 SCUORN headlined the XIVth edition of “Rockeggiando Festival” in Umbria (Italy), while in May the band embarked on the “PARTHENOPE UK TOUR 2018” with the performance at Eradication Festival in Cardiff supporting DARK FUNERAL vocalist’s band GRA’, as well as 4 headlining gigs in Great Britain including a busy and spectacultar final show in London at Nambucca ! In August 2018 SCUORN is mentioned in the book “Sounds Of Origin In Heavy Metal Music” edited by finnish writer Dr Toni-Matti Karjalainen, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing and originated from a multidisciplinary Modern Heavy Metal Conference, organised in Helsinki, Finland. This collection of seven scholarly essays explores local scenes and identities within heavy metal music, with SCUORN being mentioned several times in the chapter “Son(g)s Of Darkness : Identities in Italian Black Metal” as part of the regionalistic branch of IBM, focused on re-elaborating folklore themes from local traditions on a neo-pagan background. 2018 ends with the “PARTHENOPE ITALIAN TOUR 2018 (PART II)”, a run of 3 Italian shows including the major black-metal-only festival BLACK WINTER FEST XI, where SCUORN shares the stage with legendary acts such as MARDUK, TSJUDER, ARCHGOAT, ACHERONTAS, SAOR and many more, with a sensational show and a huge crowd response !

In 2019 SCUORN returns on the road for the “PARTHENOPE EUROPEAN TOUR (PART II), a run of 6 headlining shows plus a co-headlining performance at Dark Winter Meeting Festival in Malta. Following the European run SCUORN is back to Italy for the third leg of the “PARTHENOPE ITALIAN TOUR 2019 (part III)” with two busy shows, in Rome supporting STORMLORD at their release party and in Turin.

In 2020 the band will enter the studio to record the new album and will play selected festival shows aroud Europe.

Worship the cult of “PARTHENOPE” !!!

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