Hellenic black metallers Dark Vision release an official videoclip for “Ignis / Absurdity In Abyss” from their latest full-length album “Ianos”, released via Cult Of Parthenope label.

Returning with their first full-length album after two decades, greek masters Dark Vision revolve around the threshold of their musical transition, featuring a stormy black metal with death elements and lyrics about the struggle of the soul, fragments of nightmares and dystopic visions of the past and future.

During their extensive career, Dark Vision shared the stage with the likes of Mayhem, Satyricon, Sodom, Rotting Christ, SepticFlesh, Ancient Rites, Kaamos, Dark Fortress, Deviant, Deviser and many more.

“Ianos” tracklist :
1. Ignis
2. Absurdity in Abyss
3. Cosmic Storm
4. Asylum
5. Defile The Pure
6. Of Unknown Artist
7. Sulfur Vision
8. Deathwish (Christian Death cover)
9. Gruesome Tide
10. Keep

Mixed and mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studios in Germany.
Cover art by Remedy Art Design.
Camera by Nefeli & Nassos, Makeup by Maria.G, Videoshoot by Artworks Studios, Video Editing by Manos Georgakopoulos.

Dark Vision are :
Mark – Vocals & Guitars
Nassos – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Frag – Bass
Giannis K. – Drums & Backing Vocals

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